Privacy Policy is working on a reject-consent option for this site, and is checking that no 3rd-party cookies track personal details. Until then he is considering this site as non-GDPR compliant for that technical reason although in practice it might be “ok”. The information below will be updated once Dave has completed his checks and updates.

The information that you provide about yourself to time out therapy will only be used by time out therapy in accordance with this privacy policy. all consultation forms that are completed in the initial consultation will be treated with equal confidentiality. SuzieExley Timeouttherapy confirms this information will only be used as:

  • to communicate with you;
  • to provide you with updates regarding our services. if you do not wish to receive these communications let us know by emailing;
  • for the effective administration of the site, the more accurately we know you the more we can tailor it to meet your expectations;
  • the disclosures of your information, as requested, where required by law.

SuzieExley Timeouttherapy is sensitive to privacy issues on the internet. we believe that it is important you know how we treat the information about you that we receive on the internet.

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This site may contain links to other sites of third parties. we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of those other sites. we may revise this privacy policy from time to time. you are responsible for checking the updates when you visit our site to review the current policy. if you do not agree with the policy, you should cease to use the site immediately.


Cookies are specifically used on this site that are part of the normal functioning of WordPress and some of its plug-ins. Cookies might also be used by Search Engines / webmaster tools – for example Google Analytics. With the exception of common services such as Google Analytics (which you can opt-out of), no information collected about you by the site is shared with third parties. Finally – there might be interaction with linked site cookies e.g. following the Twitter link.

Site Security

The site is stored on encrypted media on a server in the UK. Cloud off-site back-ups might use servers outside the UK, but first strongly encrypts information on the UK server before upload using recommended industry standards and the most reputable services. The site uses its own “apppool” and NTFS security on the server. Recommended HTTPS settings are used for all site activity and email connectivity uses SSL over SMTP. Admin accounts use strong passwords, and the site administrator uses two-factor authentication. The website will use content delivery networks in the future for faster content delivery as is standard practice: updates on any impact on this privacy policy to follow, once implemented.

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