What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness in parliament*; mindfulness*

Based on what you have heard, read or experienced you will have your own insights, my interpretation is that it is a useful tool to gain a different perspective from the never ending rush of the mind mirroring the rush of life.

We can't stop the thoughts but we can train ourselves to observe them from a more present day perspective rather than stepping back into the past or springing to the future.  Being in the present culminates in an acceptance of the good or bad welcoming it on the mat of life rather than hiding away or being overwhelmed by it.  Bi-products of being in the present are observational awareness and acceptance, whereas bi-products of being in the past are resistance and rumination, and, being in the future can mean anticipation: whether fantasy or fear/procrastination.

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Suzie, how has Mindfulness benefited you?

Since 2008 (I started my mindfulness story when I visited an aruyvedic retreat in India) I have integrated mindfulness into my daily life not only with formal practice but also when on the move. This awareness has become my transportable tool for stress and anxiety reduction  as well as for dealing with whatever challenges and good times that life deals to us.

I find my attention span and focus have improved and sense of well-being and connectivity. Not only to myself but to those around me.


if you relate to the strength and stability of trees growing towards the light with firm foundations you can always come back to the image or sense of a tree to remind you how it is to sit with true stillness in silence