Here are some more questions following on from those featured in what is mindfulness which you may find useful.

How many sessions are required and how long are the sessions?

timeouttherapy offers a reset your compass course tailored for 1:1 sessions and groups for either 60 or 90 minutes depending on how much time you and your company have available.  These sessions will be held onsite and will cover a different topic each week along with varying lengths of meditations and will include the timeouttherapy reset your compass 2 CD box-set for out of class practice.  There is research which evidences the effectiveness of 8 weeks but whatever time you can realistically commit to (see my research page)

Are the courses theory or experientially biased?

In the managing stress & mindfulness course there is opportunity to practice and teaching of the theory is done in an interactive and experiential way to provide variety to different styles of learning.

Will we need any equipment?

The courses are ideal for on the move, there will be a section to cover how to set up your home practice area but the focus is on being able to reduce stress with whatever tools are suitable for you and your environment, whether at home or work.  The course is ideal for any setting and being able to translate these skills to wherever you are.

I find it difficult to sit still for a long period of time how do your courses factor that in?

All learners are encouraged (even in the theory) to move around if they are uncomfortable, the environment is your learning area so whatever fits best for you. On the managing stress & mindfulness course there is group and pairs work which creates movement and flow.

What are the values of timeouttherapy?

timeouttherapy's mission is to provide courses to help reduce stress and increase awareness of how to deal with both the good and the bad cards that life deals you. The courses are tailored to suit either people who are busy and on the move but also equally accessible to those who are home based.  The courses allow you to take a step back, re-evaluate and gain new tools that work for your lifestyle and reset your compass.